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Attention Future Rock Stars!

Belle Arti Center for the Arts is excited to introduce our new Rock Band program for young musicians who would like to gain collaborative experience with other students who share a passion for music! Through this new and innovative program, we aim to approach teaching contemporary rock and pop music in a band setting with a similar discipline and structure as we have applied in classical training. Not only is this program designed to be a new and fun way to introduce musical collaboration, but it will instill in our students the value of being part of a team and contribute to the development of new friendships along the way! We believe that the experience of live performance promotes discipline, expression and builds confidence in our students, so there are numerous opportunities for our rock band students to participate in every year! We can’t wait to see where the new Rock Band Program will take our dedicated Belle Arti students.

Auditions are open to all instrumentalists and vocalists who have some experience playing. The Rock Band program is designed to fit the needs of all students at the intermediate and advanced levels.


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