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Our family loves the Belle Arti Center, our 3 year old daughter has been attending theMusical Aurora® Program since their grand opening this summer. The class is taught by Ms. Claudette herself and the children adore her. The program is extraordinary and allows children to recognize notes through rhythm and sound without having to know how to read.

My husband and I are very pleased with this program because we have seen a noticeable improvement in our daughter ability to recognize rhythms, sounds and songs. Our 3 year old can recite many songs but it is really amazing to hear her sing “Do-Re-Mi” from beginning to end thanks to Ms. Claudette and the Musical Aurora I have a basic knowledge of music and am learning about music through this program. As for my husband, who plays several instruments and comes from a family of musicians, he simply wishes that music would have been made this enjoyable for him growing up. Ms. Claudette is a unique individual and musician that has made learning music fun for our entire family.


Naomi Sam
(Parent of Kristen Sam age 3)

Our son Brandon is currently enrolled in Ms. Claudette’s “Musical Aurora®” class held on Saturdays. When Brandon was first introduced to the class, he was initially very clingy yet he remained fixated on Ms. Claudette and her interactive lessons. Ms. Claudette, being aware of each child’ individuality, encouraged us to allow Brandon to work at his pace. Ms. Claudette assured us that he was listening and taking it all in. Sure enough, after the second week of class we noticed Brandon singing the DO-RE-MI notes as he played with his toys at home. We were surprised to see how music information he had absorbed in such a short period of time. Each week Brandon became a little more comfortable and began to contribute more and more to the lessons. By the end of the Summer session he came out of his shell. With Ms. Claudette’s familiarity of child development and the multiple intelligences, she was certainly able to attract and maintain Brandon’s attention during class as she provided a variety of activities that even a two year old can be entertained by. Ms. Claudette scaffolds her lessons weekly so that her student’s knowledge is constantly being reinforced.

Ms. Claudette’s classroom is a warm and nurturing environment and Brandon looks forward to each class. He adores Ms. Claudette and never wants to disappoint her. He tells all his cousins and family members about Ms. Claudette and can’t wait to share his weekly adventures with her.

As parents, we are excited about our son’s learning and appreciate how much he has been “awakened” by the musical experience.

Melissa and Anil Sugrim
(Parents of Brandon M. Sugrim)

When our two year old daughter Tali began Musical Aurora® in the summer of 2007, we immediately recognized how Claudette skillfully taught basic math and reading through incredible musical principles. We've noticed Tali carryover techniques and observations she learned in class into daily life: recognizing letters and symbols, beginning to sound out words from left to right, starting to clap to the beat, sequencing daily events, and having a sincere interest in different types of music and instruments and recognizing their sounds

We are now in the middle of our second Musical Aurora® class and can only envision Tali learning to play the piano, or instrument of her choice, with Claudette, whom she adores. Once you find someone who can influence your child in the profound way that Claudette has, you want that person to have a permanent role in their lives.

As a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and an educator with a varied range of experiences – from Special Education to Gifted and Talented, we see Claudette’s methods to be clearly well thought out and executed, creative and exciting. She appropriately expands on musical principles she has taught each session. Her rapport with young children is refreshing. Tali is our second child and we have taken many music classes. We have never found the quality of person and instruction that we have found with Claudette.

We are extremely pleased to have begun Tali’s lifelong musical journey with Claudette and are looking forward to our Musical Aurora® class tomorrow.

Stephanie and Ofier Sigal

Our daughter, Desmari Miller is blessed to be a part of such a loving environment. The warmth and sense of security when we walk into the Belle Arti center is amazing. They cater to all ages. The Musical Aurora® class is a genius idea and Mrs. Claudette is brilliant, patient and above all an admirable person. Her determination to share the world of music with the 2-5 year olds is priceless; she always finds a way around each individual child and their personality. I look at the growth of each child as well as my own and I am in awe. My husband and I have a crazy schedule so we do not have the time to really sit down and go over the class teachings, but my daughter absorbs it all like a sponge and practically brings tears to my eyes when I hear her recite the songs taught in class, the names of different rhythmic symbols as well as her participation as a whole. We are so proud to be a part of the magic of Belle Arti. Through music we can create wonders. The glow on Desmari’s face when she walks down the hallway to the reading area is something I would not trade for the world. Keep up the fabulous work Claudette and Massimiliano your school is top notch!

Desmond and Marilyn Miller