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Ages 2 to 5.
45 minutes class.

This unique class involves a minimum of four students. Early classes on music enhance children’s natural creative impulses, helping them to develop the skills they need in order to communicate, concentrate, coordinate, cooperate and express themselves fully. Through songs, movements and playing musical games, the goal is to awaken the full creative and intellectual potential in each child. Parents or caregivers are required to sit in the classroom during class.

 Musical Aurora ®: Opening the Doors of Your Child’s Creativity through Music™

By: Claudette Munné


Working with children with special needs for many years has put my creativity to the test. I have always embraced with care and determination the many challenges presented by working with special needs children. Throughout the years my experience has forced me to think of creative and innovative ways to teach music. This creative energy has been transformed into musical games which aim to awaken the mind in many ways – Musical Aurora®. These games allow me not only to teach music in a fun way, but also to develop in children a different modality through which they can learn. Through these games, children are developing their working memory, verbal abilities, as well as oral, visual and auditory learning. They are also improving upon their motor skills, social skills, character building and discipline.

My passion for music has given me the tools to help children of all ages and abilities succeed and feel within themselves a sense of pride and accomplishment. Through teaching Musical Aurora®, I have witnessed the truly great gift of childhood and the greatness of music. Children will absorb anything that you give them; they are thirsty for knowledge. That thirst represents my greatest challenge. These young children (ages 2 to 5), present and exemplify the true potential to achieve great things. Regardless of intellectual ability, all children have the power within themselves to strive for and accomplish anything they truly desire. The most rewarding aspect of teaching this class is the accomplishments made by these children. I firmly believe that at this age music is the best vehicle to awaken a child’s mind and its full potential. It is my mission to give the students the best gift of music; the discipline of the mind and soul. They will take this gift with them throughout the precious journey of life.

The foundation of the principles used to create this class lies in the belief that play is the child’s natural way through which he or she first communicates with the world. Using play allows children to learn through experience, facilitating a more meaningful understanding of what is being taught. Children are musical and playful by nature; they love jumping, singing, tapping and clapping. Therefore any child, regardless of age or ability, will thrive in this type of environment. This class is a fresh take on music instruction that not only nurtures a love of music within children, but also allows for the children to develop who they are as individuals. It helps to mold their character. In a day and age where standardized testing has become a huge part of what our schools teach to children, music instruction can be a great way to bring play and creativity back into the lives of our children.

Musical Aurora® is a unique class designed for a maximum of five children ranging in age from 2 to 5. Classes are then divided into two different age groups; children age 2 to 3 ½ and children age 3 ½ to 5. The class meets once a week for 45 minutes for the duration of the semester (usually from 17-20 weeks). Ear training, rhythm training, reading skills development and music appreciation are the focal points of the class. Through Musical Aurora®, children will learn the fundamentals of music through games, songs and dance. In addition, they will also be afforded the opportunity to have hands on experience with instruments such as piano, violin, guitar and cello. The children’s hard work over the course of a semester culminates in an end-of-the-semester recital, during which the children perform together as a group, singing songs they have learned and rehearsed.


Musical Aurora ® is a class developed and designed to help guide the child to discovering himself. It is an electrifying journey where both teachers and parents will be able to discover the true potential of the child. Parents or caregivers are required to participate in the class, making this a learning experience for themselves as well as the children. Children will progress very quickly. Musical Aurora® presents the perfect opportunity for the child to discover what instrument will fit him or her best. This is a key factor in a child having success with music, because it is only when he or she enjoys the experience that the child will do well.

Some may question how children at this early age are able to identify and learn the complex language of music. However, that is the beauty that Musical Aurora® has to offer. The same way children learn to develop oral language, they will develop an understanding of music. Music is just another language, which when taught properly and exposed to the child early on, will become part of the child’s vocabulary. In one year’s time, the children are able to read rhythms and notes; recognizing them by ear. Early classes on music enhance children’s natural creative impulses, helping them to develop the skills they need in order to communicate, concentrate, coordinate, cooperate and express themselves fully. The goal of Musical Aurora® is to awaken the full creative and intellectual potential in each child.