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Professional Illustrator

John Stanisci has been a professional illustrator for over 18 years working for all the major comic book publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, IDW Publishing, Valiant Comics and many more. At those companies, John has drawn such characters as Spider Man, Batman, Catwoman, Superman, The Hulk and others. In 2011, John’s book for DC Comics, Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond, premiered at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels. Currently, among John’s many projects, he is drawing the book Batman Eternal for DC Comics; which was one of the top selling titles for DC in 2014. Other creator owned projects are soon to be announced. Over the years, John has been asked to lend his talents to the teaching of art to many different schools and organizations including The Museum Of Comic Art (MOCCA), The Center For Arts Education, Bread and Roses High School, just to name a few. To view John’s online gallery, go to www.stockyboy.deviantart.com/gallery.

In addition to being an artist, John is also an accomplished actor who has appeared in Film, TV and on Broadway. In 2005, John co founded his own theater company, Invictus Theater, which was chiefly responsible for bring the play ‘Irena’s Vow’ to Broadway in 2009. John co produced the play (along with Daryl Roth and Jimmy Nedelander) and co starred in the role of Rokita. Irena’s Vow starred four time Tony nominee Tovah Feldshuh. ‘Irena’s Vow’ was nominated for numerous awards, and was the first play in history to be presented to a full delegation at the United Nations. In 2012, Invictus Theater premiered the stage adaption of ‘Murder in The First’ for Off Broadway. Working in conjunction with Broadway producer Chase Mishkin; the ‘Murder in the First’ received rave reviews and is currently being considered for production on the West End in London. John played the role of Bryon and, as a result, was under consideration for an Obie nomination. Many more theater projects are currently in development. John has appeared on Law and Order, Criminal Intent, and others. Upcoming is the film Expecting Mary due out on TNT this Christmas.


For Kids 9 and up-

We are currently offering ongoing personal instruction in semi private classes for the aspiring young artist who loves to draw! All students will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of drawing including, but not limited to: basic anatomy, drawing in perspective, life drawing, composition and design, and more. For the younger students, we will also cover some really fun areas of drawing such as how to create and design your own characters; how to draw animals and fantasy figures, how to create your own environments and settings for your own personal comic book story, and much more. Students will be asked to write and draw their own comic book story as homework; which will be discussed in class. The main focus will be on bringing out each individual students particular talents for expressing themselves through their art. Classes are conducted in ten week sessions.

For Adults:

We are currently offering ongoing personal instruction in semi private classes for adults. Current students include the professional artist looking to improve on their skills as well as the novice who has always longed to learn to draw. All fundamentals of drawing will be explored: anatomy, form and function of the human figure, drawing in perspective, composition and design, drawing from life, working in mixed media (pencil, ink, etc), lighting, and much more. For those wishing to create and draw their own comic book or graphic novel, students will be taken through the process of layout and design of the comic book page, sequential storytelling, visual storytelling theory, and much more. The focus of the classes will be to support each artist in achieving their goal of creating their own graphic novel or comic. Classes are conducted in ten week sessions.