108-10 72d Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375 - TEL. 718.261,2237 E-mail:Directors@belleartiny.com

1. Who is the Director of “Belle Arti”?

Belle Arti” Center for the Arts is under the direction of two internationally renowned concert pianists, husband and wife Massimiliano Facchini and Claudette Munné, who offer the best of the Old World and the best of the New World as teachers and artists. Through their teaching, students have been accepted at specialized arts high schools and major conservatories in New York, i.e., the Pre-College Division at Manhattan School of Music and The Juilliard School, La Guardia High School and Brooklyn College.

2. What services does “Belle Arti” Center for the Arts provide?

Our school provides high quality music instruction to students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. We help students realize their fullest potential, regardless of initial abilities and goals.

3. Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a one time, non-refundable fee per year. Please check with the Office for costs and further details.

4. How much do lessons cost?

Please contact the Office for specific costs.

5. Can I have lessons every other week?

The lessons are held once a week.

7. How long are the lessons?

The private lessons are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes in length. We also offer semi-private classes, group classes and musical development classes. For additional details, please refer to our Description of Programs.

8. When can I have lessons? What are your teacher schedules?

The school is open Monday to Saturday from morning to evening. Please contact the Office for teacher schedules.

9. When can I start lessons?

The academic year has two semesters, Fall and Spring, as well as a Summer session. The Fall semester starts in September, the Spring semester starts in February, and the Summer session starts in July. However, students are welcome to enroll after the school year has started. In this case, tuition will be prorated.

10. What is the process to get enrolled?

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. You can get the registration form at the Office or on our website. Please fill it out and sign it. Registration fee, tuition fee and performance fee are to be paid at the Office. For additional details, please check with the Office or refer to our School Policies in the brochure.

11. Do you offer an opportunity to meet a teacher or teachers to make sure I like them?

We recommend to set up a meeting with Claudette Munné, our Artistic Director to discuss the needs of your child and who would be the most suitable teacher. If you’d like to ensure that we’ve chosen the right teacher, you can set up a paid trial lesson.

12. My child is very young. Can he or she have a lesson shorter than 30 minutes?

The age a child can begin studying music varies. Readiness depends on the individual, on his or her development, and on family support for music study. “Belle Arti” Center for the Arts offers lessons for students of all ages. The shortest lessons we provide are 30 minutes in length. These are private lessons and are offered on the major instruments for children ages four and up. Furthermore, we are proud to present our special and unique Musical Aurora®, a class for children between the ages of two to five. For additional details, please contact the office or visit the Musical Aurora® page on our website.

13. Do you hold recitals for children? Where are they held? Do we have to pay for them?

The academic year has two recitals. They are usually held at the end of the Fall and Spring semester. A performance fee is applied to each student per semester. Please check with the Office for the venue where the recital will be held, performance fee and ticket prices.

14. I have a job that requires traveling a great deal – so I may not have a constant schedule every week. How flexible are the teachers to accommodate my schedule?

The lessons are held once a week. The schedule is set at the beginning of each semester by the Office.

15. I am a beginner. How well will I be able to play after a few months of lessons?

Practice is the key for success. The learning progress depends on how much effort and practice the student puts into his or her daily schedule.

16. What are the teacher's backgrounds?

“Belle Arti” Center for the Arts has the most qualified teachers, all graduates from such leading music schools as Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, The Juilliard School and European music conservatories. (click here to learn more about our teachers...)

17. Do teachers teach on weekends?

Yes, we offer classes on Saturday.

18. Do you provide references and biographies for your teachers?

We only provide biographies for teachers. For more information please contact the Office or click here...

19. Does “Belle Arti” provide instruments to the students?

Unfortunately, we do not. The students must have their own instruments; however, if the student does not have an instrument, information is available through the Office.

20. What style of music does “Belle Arti” teach?

“Belle Arti” Center for the Arts is the first and only music school of European heritage in Forest Hills. We offer the most advanced and competitive curriculum ready to suit all student needs.

21. What are “Belle Arti” cancellation policies?

If you choose to withdraw, a full refund of tuition will be made before the first class; 75% after the first class. There is no refund after the second class. There is no tuition refund for students who enrolled after the school year started and received prorated tuitions. Requests for refund must be in writing. The Registration fee is non-refundable.

22. Does “Belle Arti” offer make up lessons?

“Belle Arti” teachers are not required to make up lessons by students. Students and parents are responsible for all missed lessons. We would appreciate advance notice if a student will be missing a lesson. In addition, students and parents are responsible for being on time for all lessons, as lesson time cannot be extended if the student is late.

23. Does “Belle Arti” have credit policies?

Credits are only given when a teacher is absent and cannot reschedule the lesson.

24. How does “Belle Arti” bill for lessons?

Tuition is based on 16-20 weeks per semester. Payment of tuition is due in full at time of registration. The tuition payment for the first semester is due in full by August 1; and the tuition payment for the second semester is due in full by January 1. Tuition is pro-rated for students who enter after the semester has started. Tuition can be paid by personal check, money order or credit card. “Belle Arti” Center for the Arts reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases, unused tuition will be refunded or credited. “Belle Arti” occasionally offers special semester discounts. Please check with the Office for details.