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Mrs. Evelyn Layug Morin grew in a family where its members were involved in the music ministry of the church and in school. Her mother was a church organist and directed church choirs. Her older sister has various stints in music as pianist/accompanist, and as member of and as director of choirs. Her older brother played piano and guitar using various music styles without prior formal study in music. The rest of the family members were members of church choirs.

At the age of 10, Mrs. Morin was able to play the piano and became a church accompanist even before she took formal piano lessons. She took private piano lesson at the age of 12 for at least 6 months. At the age of 19, she has pursued her music seriously and started her study at the College of Music of the University of the Philippines. She acquired a Diploma Course in Creative and Performing Musical Arts, two years after she finished her Bachelor of Music in 1994 from the same university. During these studies, she majored in Piano and minored in voice. As part of the curriculum, she taught piano lessons for free under the supervision of her pedagogy professor and teacher. With this, she discovered her love for teaching piano which made her become sensitive to the needs and abilities of her students. She valued and encouraged each person and treated them special.

In 1996, she started her own music studio. She hired music teachers for piano, violin, guitar, and voice. Several music recitals were conducted under this music studio. She also became a member of the Piano Teacher’s Guild of the Philippines. She frequently updated herself in teaching strategies by attending workshops conducted by this group.

Ms. Morin discovered her singing ability during her studies at the Music Conservatory. She was able to sing solo and duet in various occasions. She became involved in various choral groups formed at the Conservatory. Outside the Conservatory, she became a member of the “His Sounds,” the longest-leading Christian choral group in the Philippines as a singer and pianist. The “His Sounds” frequently performed in various locations and occasions for various groups, and has sold copies of their performances in CD format. The group sang varied music styles including classical, international folksongs, jazz, Negro spiritual, popular music, and contemporary music. While a member, the group toured in North America (in 1993 and 1995) covering the West Coast and East Coast.

She returned to America and was hired as a church Music Director. As such, she developed and implemented programs for the church music ministry that include cantatas and musical plays. She has as well performed as instrumentalist and vocalist. In addition, she continued to teach privately piano and voice lessons. She coached students who highly passed the NYSSMA, who became members of school bands, and who auditioned for Broadway and off-Broadway and were accepted for some roles.

Directing, conducting, performing, coaching, and teaching. A profession she learned to love and fun to do. Mrs. Evelyn Layug-Morin, is a hard working, dedicated, and committed professional who has a strong desire to teach, motivate, and inspire young ones and adults to discover their musical talents and improve them. These students learn as well self-discipline, become productive citizens, and make a difference in the lives of others.



  • Bachelor of Music, University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines, 1994.
  • Diploma in Creative and Performing Musical Arts, University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines, 1992.
  • Major: Piano;
  • Minor: Voice.


Professor Nita Abrogar-Quinto


  • 21 years of teaching piano and voice private and several music schools
  • Taught Music Theory and Conducting to Bible Schools
  • Taught General Music in Elementary School
  • Conducted Glee Clubs in High School
  • Music Director, Pianist, Accompanist, Instrumentalist, and Vocalist to several churches.
  • Conducted Cantatas and Directed Musical-Play.