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Jazz Saxophonist / Composer


Dominic Carioti is a jazz saxophonist, composer, and educator residing in Brooklyn, New York. Born into a musical household, he began playing piano at the age of eight, and saxophone at ten. Although he was classically trained on both instruments, his true calling to take his musical studies to the next step happened when he was introduced to the music of John Coltrane. After taking jazz lessons with renowned saxophonist Dr. Kent Englehardt, and performing on both saxophone and upright bass in his high school jazz ensemble, Dominic went on to majoring in Jazz Saxophone Performance at Ohio State University, and then at Western Michigan University, where he acquired his Master’s degree.

During his undergraduate years, from 2008-2012, Dominic was awarded the Founces M. Lulley Scholarship, the Thomas Battenburg Scholarship, the O.S.U. Jazz Faculty scholarship, and was the winner the Robert E. Flemming Concerto Competition. It was also at this time that he established himself as a prolific performer in Columbus, Ohio, where he started his own quartet that hosted a jam session on Friday nights. He also played alto saxophone in Forest and the Evergreens, a locally famous band.

His achievements at Ohio State led him to be selected as the Graduate Assistant of Saxophone at Western Michigan University (2012-2014). This was a turning point in Dominic’s education, being exposed to great teachers and lecturers including Andrew Rathbun, Edward Simon, Billy Hart, Joe Lovano, Tim Hagans, Billy Drewes, and Fred Hersch. The ensemble he was working with at the time, Songsmith Collective was awarded a grant to record at Systems II and perform at the Jazz Gallery in New York City. The album was released and received a four-star review by Downbeat Magazine, and one of Carioti’s original compositions was positively mentioned.

After receiving his degrees, Dominic began auditioning to work as a musician on cruise ships, and was selected to fill the position of “Lead Alto Sax” in the Radiance of the Seas show band for Royal Caribbean. This position gave Dominic the opportunity to continue to develop his skills of sight-reading, stylistic consistency, and his flute and clarinet playing. Dominic now resides in Brooklyn and works as a teacher and performer.


  • W.M.U. Graduate Assistant, Kalamazoo, MI 2012-2014
  • applied saxophone
  • aural training and music theory tutoring
  • assistant lecturer -seminar instructor Paramount Charter Academy, Kalamazoo, MI 2012-2014
  • flute lessons -clarinet lessons
  • piano lessons Private Saxophone Instructor, Kalamazoo, MI and New York, NY 2012-present
  • saxophone lessons -flute lessons
  • music composition lessons


  • Graduate Assistantship, W.M.U. 2012-2014
  • Best Graduate Jury, M.M.U. 2014
  • Best Improvised Solo Award, Notre Dame Jazz Festival 2013
  • Jazz Faculty Scholarship, O.S.U. 2011
  • Thomas Battenburg Scholarship, 2011
  • O.S.U. Music Scholarship, 2008-2012
  • Founces M. Lulley Scholarship, 2008-2012
  • Robert E. Flemming Concerto Competition Winner, 2008


  • Songsmith Collective with Frank Carlberg and Christine Correa, 2013-2014
  • Western Winds, 2012-2014
  • W.M.U. Advanced Jazz Combo with Edward Simon, 2012-2013
  • W.M.U. Jazz Orchestra with Billy Drewes, 2013
  • W.M.U. Jazz Orchestra with Joe Lovano, 2013
  • W.M.U. Jazz Orchestra with Tim Hagans, 2012
  • W.M.U. Jazz Orchestra with Jamey Haddad and Alon Yavnai, 2012
  • W.M.U. Jazz Orchestra with John Clayton, 2012
  • Mas Que Nada Alumni Series/CD Release, 2012